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Jessy Trujillo is a Cuban American who came to the United States at the age of ten.

He was one of the many children legally seeking refuge in the United States from Castro's communist regime.

He flew to his newly adopted home in Miami through a program whereby over 14,000 school-aged Cuban children, whose parents feared the Marxist indoctrination occurring in the new Cuban State schools, were given sanctuary in the US. This became known as "Operation Peter Pan.")


After living in South Florida for over 30 years, Jessy fell in love with North Carolina through his hunting trips, fascinating people, charming towns and majestic mountains. Eventually, he bought a cabin in 2009 in the small blue-ridge mountain town of Piney Creek.


In 2020, after selling his Landscaping Design business, he retired and moved to the mountains with his wife, and made Piney Creek their permanent home. It is here he once again is dedicating his time and talents to his first love, painting.

Jessy's paintings are mostly oil on canvas, his favorite medium. Among his paintings he has a collection of seascapes, landscapes, and his favorite, portraits. His gift is capturing the essence or soul of his subjects. 

Watch Jessy talk more about his coming to America  >

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